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What are the charges for delivery a parcel from USA?

Delivery prices are calculated based on the parcels’ chargeable weight:

Chargeable weight:  The Chargeable weight of air freight shipments is calculated as the Actual weight (Gross weight) or the Volumetric (also called Volume or Dimensional) weight of the shipment, whichever is greater. The Volumetric weight is calculated on the dimensions (length, width, and height) of a parcel: Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm) / 6,000.

Typically, large items with a light overall weight take up more space on an aircraft than a small, heavy item. That’s why the airlines use rates according to chargeable weight.


Import Customs Formalities

When parcels arrive in the Netherlands each of them is subject to import customs formalities – this allows the parcels to be circulated as EU parcels to any EU destination country without any other customs formalities during the transit or at destination.

From the 1st of July 2021 however, new customs formalities as dictated by EU legislation will take effect. Please take note of the important information below:

Low Value (LV) Parcels with final customs value up to 150 EUR: Parcels to this value are now subject to payment of import VAT, though exempt from other duties or import taxes. For these parcels from the UK into EU an import customs formality will be required, however.

High Value (HV) Parcels with final customs value above 150EUR: Individual parcels from the UK into EU will be charged with Import VAT , plus Import Customs Duties depending on the products categories, all applied to the Statistical Value of each parcel. Import customs formalities will be required.

(It is important to note that previous customs procedures that included Medium Value (MV) parcels, are no longer applicable).

Import Customs Payments are made of the Import VAT, Import Customs Duties, and any other Import Taxes paid by EshopWedrop to Dutch customs officials on behalf of the clients for importing the parcels into the Netherlands, prior to delivery to Greece. Custom clearance charges are generated on the final customs value decided by the brokers and Dutch authorities. We will calculate an estimated customs payment upon completion of your declaration and where an over or underpayment occurs, this will be adjusted during the completion of final payment.

The final Import Customs Payments will be added for each parcel as amounts to be paid by the client at checkout prior to final delivery in the destination country.

The final Import Customs Payments are as charged by the Dutch customs authorities based on the customs declaration made by the client for each parcel but also based on Dutch customs authorities’ own statistical values for a given product of a given quantity. This means that the final customs value might be different than the declared value by the clients which also means the Final Import Customs Payments might be different than the Estimated Customs Payments determined at customs declaration moment made by the client for each parcel.

The final Import Customs Payments are as imposed by the Dutch customs authorities and no refunding or corrections can be done for any overpayment, regardless of the reason of the claimed overpayment – due to errors made by the client in the customs declaration or due to discretionary decision of the Dutch customs authorities.

Import Customs Clearance Service Fee: This is the service fee charged to the clients by EshopWedrop for the service of taking care of the import formalities for each individual parcel. These fees are different for LV and HV parcels and you will find this in the official tariffs list published on our website.

Import Customs Payments Service Fee: This is the service fee charged to the clients by EshopWedrop for the service of making the Import Customs Payments on behalf of the client. These are Import VAT, Import Customs Duties and Other Import Taxes paid by EshopWedrop (or its subcontractors and appointed agents) to Dutch Customs Authorities to import each parcel.

This fee is 9.98% of the total amount of such Import Customs Payments made for each parcel, with a min amount being charged and they are according to the official tariffs list published on the website.


Want to know more? Use the EshopWedrop Calculator Here


Is there a max limit in the parcel’s chargeable weight?

Yes, 1,000 kg.*


Is there a max limit in the parcel’s declared value?

Max value per parcel: USD 2,500

If your parcel exceeds this limit, please contact our team and one of our customer service representatives will advise you on the process that needs to be followed. Only parcels within these limits are considered Parcels as defined in our standard Terms and Conditions and the tariffs and all the other conditions are applicable. Any parcel exceeding any of these limits will need to be agreed upon with special conditions and tariffs applicable.


Is the service available for companies or only for consumers (private individuals)?

The service can also be used by companies, but it is very important to understand that the import customs clearances are done in the Netherlands electronically and consolidate all parcels into one transport. Therefore, we cannot provide any Import Customs Declaration for each individual parcel which usually a company will require as supporting documentation for the import VAT or import customs duties paid for the customs formalities.


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