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How to Shop from the UK?

Placing an order using your EshopWedrop United Kingdom Delivery Address?

We strongly recommend that you review the information below - you will need to follow these guidelines to ensure your parcel successfully navigates the customs clearance procedure prior to delivery.

Visit your account to check your UK Delivery Address is available -  My Account

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How does the UK service work?

The UK EshopWedrop Origin warehouse is based in Southampton. This means, that every time you are shopping from online retailers in the UK your parcels will be sent to the UK Origin Warehouse, and from there, they will be delivered to Greece, via the Netherlands.

Deliveries to the UK Warehouse are accepted from Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm (London time).

All parcels are processed within 24hrs after delivery.

Cut-off times – Parcels with customs details updated and confirmed by 08:00 GMT on the departure day will be included in that departure.

Currently, we have a weekly departure from the UK Origin Warehouse, on each Friday and with an arrival in the Netherlands on Sunday.

Clients will need to update the customs details of these parcels by Friday at 08:00 GMT to ensure that they will depart that same day.


What do I need to do when my parcel arrives at the UK warehouse?

Please log in to your Personal Account and complete the following steps:

Upload supporting documentation for the product categories and values declared (invoice, online order confirmation, proforma invoice, etc.). This document must clearly present the description of the products, the quantity, and the amount paid for the products. If any of these details are missing the parcel cannot depart from the UK!

You must complete the product category details mentioned above in ENGLISH ONLY and must match the description from the supporting documentation (invoice or online order confirmation). This in turn will allow for the creation of relevant HS codes needed during customs clearance.

Declared value in GBP including any applicable sales tax and UK delivery charges, according to the supporting documentation uploaded. The maximum value per parcel accepted by the system is GBP 5,000.

Please note: If you do not have a default delivery address in your destination country declared in your account you will be prompted to add one.  This is a necessary condition for the parcels to be sent from the UK. This address will be declared as your address for the export and import customs formalities.


What happens when my parcels arrive in the Netherlands?

Firstly, Parcels arrive in the Netherlands on Sunday for import customs clearance (see more details about the Import customs formalities).

Once the parcels have been customs cleared,  the parcels will be sorted and will leave on the next scheduled departure from the Netherlands to Greece.


For further questions please feel free to contact our Customer Service Team.

Customer Service Contact Details: Phone: [2106022060] , Email:


Have more questions? Give us a call and member of the team will be happy to assist you

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